“As a General Manager of a guild business, having Anita to support me through the high demands/changes necessary to continue to grow the people – and the revenue – has been priceless. She has been able to help me navigate through multiple scenarios, and I recommend her to anyone that is a high-performing, highly driven business leader.”

-Tanya (USA)

Anita has been an inspirational force in working with me to strategize a plan of action to grow my business. I believe that Anita has the natural ability to motivate one to explore their own creativity and develop confidence in one’s own skills. Anita allowed me to set goals that aligned with my own core values and execute a plan of action to pick up momentum with the expansion of my own business. Thanks Anita!

-Craig (Canada)

“From the moment I first began coaching with Anita I knew she was someone special! Her gentle yet firm nature and genuine interest in everyone she meets shines through in all of her interactions. A true professional at every level, her authenticity brings forth a trust and comfort level that allow for deep personal growth and development. Her knowledge in the areas of psychology and social development combine with her powerful listening and coaching skills to create the ideal space for anyone seeking to explore deeper awareness and satisfaction in the their life.

Anita is able to ask the questions that lead you into the possibilities. Those in turn, moving you forward into the solutions. The value of working with a skilled and certified coach is something that has been recognized by top performers and employers for some time now. I encourage you, if this is something you have been considering, now is the time and Anita is a first step you can take with confidence!”

-Lisa (USA)

“Anita’s coaching style has allowed for an easy, safe and respectful rapport to develop between us and I believe this has given us a strong coaching partnership. My goals, ideas, problems, solutions and ultimately my actions have come from within but it is Anita’s careful questioning and challenging approach combined with her strong listening skills that has eased out my important issues and exciting action plans. Each coaching session is so revealing and I am always looking forward to the next session with Anita.”

-Heather (Canada)

“I feel incredibly fortunate having been coached by Anita, as my experience with her was simply life-changing. I needed support in pursuing some personal goals – ones that I had been sitting on for years but was hindered by fear and self-doubt. Working with Anita, she immediately put me at ease with her genuine interest and sincerity to support me. I was honestly surprised and deeply moved by her ability to coach me to identify why my goals mattered to me, and then progress to shifting my mindset so that I felt empowered and eager for the challenges ahead.

I urge anyone, who is seeking a coach, to work with Anita. She will honour your time together and make it her mission to support you in realizing your dreams.”

-Andrea (Canada)

“Anita shows great dedication to her learning and coaching with her vibrant energy and passion constantly inspiring the people around her. As my coach Anita supported me toward my goal of establishing a prosperous online business helping me maintain constant focus, to establish clear objectives and to create a structured path to my goal.

Anita’s contagious motivation and enthusiasm has had a lasting effect on me and I highly recommend Anita to any entrepreneur who is looking to create a successful business.”

-Carla (Singapore)

Anita helped me connect to my deep rooted value system, which ended up leading me in a direction I would never have considered possible. My work with Anita unearthed an internal path that has changed my career for the better. Highly recommend Anita’s services for those in need of finding the space within that can be overshadowed in a conventional career.

-Melanie (Canada)



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