Start thinking and behaving like a purposeful leader.


I believe that the best investment is an informed investment, so I have provided a detailed overview of my Purposeful Leader Program.

Module 1 | Explore
  • You will explore what is supporting you right now – your core values, skills, knowledge, abilities, and habits.
  • You will also explore the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. We will look at who you are and who you want to be – your passion story, your success story, your money story, your career story – your life story.
Module 2 | Clarity
  • Building on module one, you will look deeper into your story and become super clear on what you no longer want in your life.
  • Once you get clear on what you no longer want in your life, this will free up the energy you need for focusing on what you do want in your life and how you will authentically show up every day to support and reinforce this.
Module 3 | Discovery
  • As your clarity and confidence is building, you will begin to discover the old habits and behaviours that may no longer be supporting you.
  • In this module you will also learn what it means to have a purposeful leader mindset and how you can begin to develop the habits and behaviours of a purposeful leader.
  •  Depending on where you are in your career, at this stage you will start to come up with insights and ideas that will become the foundation of your new (or revised) leadership plan going forward.
Module 4 | The Purpose-Filled Leadership Plan
  • This module is designed to support you in creating YOUR purpose-filled leadership plan.
  • Your plan can be set for any length of time (6 months, 2 years, 5 years). The priority here will be to create a first draft of your plan. It’s your first draft because this plan will be process-driven – in other words, it will be constantly evolving.
  • You will control the plan – it will not control you.

Why do I need a leadership plan?

Because your leadership plan will:

  • Bring together all the progress you have made in the first three modules.
  • Show the next chapters of your life story – written with both clarity and confidence.
  • Keep you focused on what it is you want and how you’re going to get it.
  • Keep you focused on what you do not want; allowing you to say ‘no’ with ease.
  • Be a constant reminder of where you’re going.
Module 5 | Create
  • Having developed the first draft of your purpose-filled leadership plan, you will be super motivated to get started! This module is the fun part – the part where you get creative – on your terms!
  • A lot of experimenting and experiencing will take place throughout this module and, yes, you will get out of your comfortable zone. I call it the comfortable zone because it’s that place where fear and doubt keep you playing safely.
  • You will shift out of this zone to a place where you get to see the new possibilities that are ahead of you. Fear will be there, but by now you will have the tools in place to recognize those fearful thoughts for what they are – just thoughts. You will be in control.
  • The support of others will play an important role in this module – the most successful people never walked the purpose-filled life path alone – and that includes you.
Module 6 | Resilience
  • When you get to this module you will have all the tools from modules one through five in your tool-belt. You are now on the road to mastery – mastery of your purpose, your passion – your new way of thinking and, even more importantly, behaving.
  • This is the ‘Success’ phase – you have defined your passion and your purpose, and this has allowed you to define the next chapter of your ‘success’ story (as it looks, feels, and means to you).
  • The fears of time, money, failure, success, and self-doubt will be in their proper place. Our fears give us something positive – that’s why we have them. However, knowing they are just thoughts trying to keep us safe, they will have less power over your decisions – you will become resilient to them.


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