Sometimes change is a choice and other times it is thrust upon us. Regardless of the circumstances, life is all about change – be it small, medium, large, or extra large.

There are times in our lives, and perhaps for some that is right now, when we are stood at a crossroads deciding what to do next. Which way do I go? What should I say yes to? What should I say no to? What if I make the wrong decision? We’ve all been there.

We think we need all the information and all the answers before we can make a decision. We believe or tell ourselves that we just need to read one more book, listen to one more webinar, attend one more workshop, before we will finally make that decision – to say yes to the possibility of becoming more than we are right now.

To become more than who we are right now will mean many things to many people, but the common thread that we all face as we go through change is that we will come up against fears and uncertainty. It’s interesting, because we assume that by having more information we can overcome our fears, and by having more answers we can overcome our uncertainty. However, what if we could give ourselves permission to be OK with not knowing everything, and be OK with not having all the answers?

I heard someone say this recently and it really stuck with me: “not being afraid of our creations leaves us free to create”. I would be the first to admit I fall under the spell of holding back or putting off until I feel what I’m creating is “ready” to be released (don’t ask me how many edits I made to this blog post before it made it out into the world). However, there had to be a time when it was “good enough” because if I waited for perfection, this blog would still be in my laptop waiting until it was “ready”. In fact if I had waited for the right time or the perfect moment in other areas of my life, I would probably still be in the same job that I hated, I would never have ran my first marathon, I would never have agreed to a public speaking event, and I would never have started my own business. I have succeeded in doing them all – with total imperfection – and I have lived to tell the tale.

If you’re waiting for the “right” time to make a change, answer this question: If there will never be a right time to take a leap and make the change in your life, would you be OK with staying right where you are now?

Sometimes it’s comfortable to stay where we are. It feels safe and secure, and predictable. However, we all know deep down that this is just an illusion. Life has a way of changing around us without us noticing, like quicksand.

It takes courage and confidence to create change in our lives, but remember the leap doesn’t have to be so big. You don’t have to leap between mountaintops, but how about making it a little wider than a step? How about both feet leave the ground? Just enough to feel the jump in your heart and the fire in your belly – to get you started.

Now is the time to take a leap and dare to change, because the life journey you’re on doesn’t last forever. Just get started – ready or not.


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